Thank you for your patience while we continue the important work on the smallholding and the shop remains closed.

If you'd like to read about it click on the link below. We run the smallholding together under the name The Blue Cottage Smallholding where we also write a blog. Join us on that page for more intimate updates about what goes on.

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Goats milk soap has some unique and exceptional moisturising and skin healing properties when combined with other oils and butters. It has a similar pH level to human skin, and is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and Alpha Hydroxy acids. Natural oils and butters when blended with Goats Milk is known to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Goats milks soap is well known for being beneficial for people who have sensitive skin and can help alleviate skin conditions. It's properties keep healthy skin soft and moisturised naturally every time you wash your skin.

Beautiful Soap and shampoo, all handmade

Every bar is handmade right here on our smallholding in Wales using milk from our herd of Pedigree Anglo Nubian goats. 


Why You will love our soap!

Our unique recipe uses 7 oils and butters, each one is beneficial to skin and its care in their own unique way.


We are pleased to say that this unique recipe has had excellent reviews by those selected to try it out for us.


With more oils per bar we are sure you are getting the best soap money can buy. 


Each of our bars of soap are cut into bars weighing between 110grams and 120grams so you get more soap for your money! 

made in wales


James and I have both used the goat soap and we both really like it, makes your hands soft and not itchy at all, we will definitely buy more!!

kate, buxton

I spend lots of time gardening, and my hands can really suffer with rough skin. I tested the seaweed and pumice soap and I was so impressed that it got all the dirt out of my skin without that dry and itchy feeling I usually get left with. I will be ordering more!

Emily, Wales

the clean goat




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