the real stars

It's all about the goats! No really it is. This company would not exist without them and we know it. 

Since Steven was 7 he wanted a goat, so now he has upgraded that wish and he has his own herd.

Together we breed and keep Anglo Nubian goats. We are planning to start showing in the future but we are just a bit too busy at the moment to make that a practical idea. We are proud to be part of keeping and breeding Anglo Nubian goats.


We only breed a few goats each year, and none of the kids go for meat. Each one is unique and we pride ourselves that our herd are all friendly and love the attention they clearly deserve. They all get names, and if they don't stay with us they go to good homes as pets or to other Anglo Nubian herds.

We do not start milking the mums until it is suitable to do so, healthy goat kids come first! It is important to us that all our goats are healthy and well socialised with mum and importantly that they get all the nutrition that they need first.

Our goats all have custom built homes, all unique and hand built by us!

We have had four baby kids born on the smallholding this spring, three girls and one male. Follow us on our social media pages to find out how that are doing.

Click on the images to get some information about them all.