hand made soap, goats milk soap, the clean goat soap company
hand made in wales, goats milk soap, the clean goat soap company

Most of the soap products on the market today contain an ingredient known as SLS. That's an acronym for Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a harsh synthetic detergent and foaming agent that corrodes in order to clean. Companies use SLS to create a rich lather, and for its intense cleaning action. However it is also used in the testing of lotions and creams designed to help heal skin. SLS is used directly to irrate the skin in order to conduct these tests.

Our soap contains absolutely NO palm oil, NO parabens, NO SLS, and NO plastic in our packaging. 

Goats milk has been found to have the same PH level as human skin, and believed that it has exceptional healing and moisturising properties. It has naturally occurring high levels of vitamins, minerals and Alpha Hydroxy acids that nourish skin. It has been found over and over again that it naturally helps people suffering with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin issues.

Not only helping those skin conditions, it can help prevent issues by cleaning the skin without stripping it of essential oils that your skin naturally produces and preventing dry, irritated and cracking skin. Particularly an issue with those who work outside a lot.

Our soap is made using a very old and unique recipe handed to us from a family living in Africa. They have a herd of Nubian goats and for generations have used extra milk to produce products for themselves. We are incredibly honoured to have them share this unique recipe with us.


We use the traditional process known as the cold process. Mixing our ingredients with the goats milk and lye, the alkali substance which turns it all into soap. All of our soap is poured into moulds and left to set for 24hrs. Once removed we hand cut each bar of soap and they are then left to cure for 4 weeks. 

We use essential oils and will be adding home grown herbs to scent some of our soaps. Any colours used are naturally occurring elements and we use no chemicals in any part of the process. Every one of our soaps is suitable for vegetarians and ideal for sensitive skin.

We use only 100% natural ingredients in our products, all sustainable. Naturally the packaging is important to us as well..... We use only recycled paper and cardboard in our packaging and wrappers.

So look after your skin, it is the biggest organ you have and only it stands between you and all the nasties the world has to offer. 

hand made goats milk soap, the clean goat soap company
Bath Salts and Soap

I have used this soap since our first batch was cured. I use it everyday to clean my hands and I only use this one soap for myself in the shower.


I no longer use hand cream or face cream, 

something I was constantly putting on especially after a day outside gardening or building. My skin was suffering and standard soaps or shower gels were stripping it of any moisture. My skin has never looked so healthy!