We work the land here at The Clean Goat, and it's important to us that we can clean our hands well for making soap each day.


Emma loves her gardening too, so we obviously had to create the worlds best Gardeners Soap! and we believe we have done. Try it out this Christmas for that special someone who loves to get knuckle deep in the soil!


Seaweed is known for its amazing skin benefits such as hydration and vitamin E to help keep the skin looking and feeling youthful. Amino acids can help plump the skin and keep it looking fresh. The Eucalyptus essential oil can help reduce harmful bacteria on skin and is known for its powerful healing properties. We blended these two amazing ingredients with pumice powder making it an excellent cleansing soap ideal for those who have hands that work hard.


The soap is cut and packaged at an approximate weight of 110grams to 120grams. 


Every bar of soap is made by hand using completely natural ingredients. Each one is unique and colours may differ from those in the photographs we use online. Great care is taken to ensure each recipe is exact however the process of mixing natural ingredients and the curing process means the soaps can differ slightly between batches.

Seaweed, Eucalyptus & Pumice - A Gardeners Soap

  • Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Goats Milk fresh from our herd, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Pumice Powder, Powdered Bladderwrack (Seaweed), Eucalyptus essential oil with a touch of blue pigment powder.

  • All orders are packaged and posted within 3 working days. Any large orders or wholesale should be made direct to us as they may take longer to process.