As a fellow goat owner I've often been given goats milk soap to try, I can be honest when I say this soap really stands up to use. It lathers really well and does not fall apart or disappear quickly like some I've tried!

Sherry, Wales

James and I have both used the goat soap and we both really like it, makes your hands soft and not itchy at all, we will definitely buy more!!

kate, buxton

This review is a must read!

These soaps are the only soaps in my entire life I haven’t been left with dry skin. What’s even more incredible is that due to a recent terminal diagnosis and treatments I have been heavily detoxing through the skin on my face yet these soaps really have helped soothe the skin. The exfoliating soaps have also been fabulous in rejuvenating my skin and leaving it feeling fantastic.

I don’t go anywhere else for my soaps now. Thanks so much everyone at The Clean Goat Company for introducing me to these life changers.

Loads of love


Having used the unscented soap I can honestly say that it is lovely soap that lathers well and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. Also, the purity and simplicity is reflected in the packaging. An excellent product I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

kathryn, Wales

I spend lots of time gardening, and my hands can really suffer with rough skin. I tested the seaweed and pumice soap and I was so impressed that it got all the dirt our of my skin without that dry and itchy feeling I usually get left with. I will be ordering more!

Emily, Wales

Hi I have used the soap for a few weeks now and its a nice soap to use which is good on the skin and having sensitive skin its always good to find a product I can use would full recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin. 

Anthony, Manchester

The soap is lovely and creamy with a good lather. It doesn't make my hands feel dry unlike a lot of other soaps I've used.

julie, Cheshire